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Tattva Sattva etc Episode 5 with RJ Saurabh Dental Health Part 2 | Videos from Radio City 91.1 FM ahmedabad Station Studio
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Tattva Sattva etc. Episode 5 with RJ Saurabh Dental Health Part 2

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You might have heard the words like vajradanti, neem, charcoal, namak, babool, etc in the advertisements. These have become ingredients of toothpastes. In ancient India several such things were used for dental care. In this episode of #TattvaSattvaEtc, listen about traditional Hindu idea of ‘dant dhavan’ means cleaning teeth and mouth. Tattva Sattva Etc. is all about Science, mythology, religion, devotional, Science in religion, Hinduism and so much more. Listen to the latest episode of Tattva Sattva Etc with RJ Saurabh


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