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Together For Tomorrow

Together For Tomorrow

Music business organisations unite for performance industry workers

The global pandemic COVID-19 has impacted every sector, and the music industry is no exception. The global music industry is worth over $50 billion and is heavily dependent on live music, which makes up over 50 per cent of total revenues. The live events market in India is reported to have incurredlosses worth Rs 40,000 crores between January to April 2020, andhas put over 10 lakh jobs at risk.


Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad doesn`t get charged by travelling or new experiences

Singer Prateek Kuhad says he is not fascinated by new things beyond a point.

"I'm not the kind of person that gets charged by travelling or new experiences. I've never cared about travelling, and I know so many people and my friends, who are always, like, they want to go to different countries. I am just not fascinated by new things beyond a point," he said. 


Dopeadelicz release a new song

Dopedaddy and Stony Psyko -- known as the band Dopeadelicz -- have dropped their new song "Vishama", from their upcoming album "Mapulz" on Saturday.

The song is written and performed by Rajesh Radhakrishnan, known as Dopedaddy, and Tony Sebastian, or Stony Psyko.

"Over the past few months we have been facing a lot of issues due to the coronavirus and the...

Chhavi Sodani

Chhavi Sodani experiments and ignites hope and positivity with new single, Jaag

With her debut track, ‘Banna Re’ acquiring immense success clocking over 13 million streams since release, singer/songwriter Chhavi Sodani has released her second song, ‘Jaag’ in July 2020.

A beacon of hope and light in adverse times, Chhavi has blended spoken poetry with pop influences to lend an easy, happy dimension to the song. Through her song, Chhavi hopes that listeners...


MILI wants the world to reflect and hope with Keep The Hope Alive

Given the gloom and despair that surrounds us following a global pandemic, singer-songwriter MILI gives listeners a beacon of hope with her new single, ‘Keep The Hope Alive’, a song she has penned and composed at her own studio during the quarantine period.

MILI says, “While the world was going into a lockdown, it got me thinking about themagnitude of the situation. This is...

Zenith and Charan

Zenith and Charan offer a trippy ode to unfulfilled love with Tarse

Following the success of their last collaboration, ‘Karvaan’, Zenith and Charan have teamed up forces once again for ‘Tarse’, an electro-pop dance single which reflects upon the equation between two people who are in love but are okay with staying apart. Charan’s vocals compliment Zenith’s trippy composition that evokes a feeling of contemplation and bliss.


Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad rakes up a storm on social media with latest single, Kasoor

For the anxious millennial heart, nothing can bring more respite than a Prateek Kuhad composition. Over two long years since his chartbusting EP, ‘cold/mess’ followed by two world tours and multiple live shows, Kuhad returns with his latest song, ‘Kasoor’.

Released on June 30 across leading music streaming platforms, ‘Kasoor’ is a special song as it establishes the...

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