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Justin Bieber almost quit career | Latest Bollywood News & Gossip

Justin Bieber almost quit career


NOVEMBER 02,2015

Pop star Justin Bieber says he almost turned his back on his music career after people started to view him as a reality TV star due to his wild behaviour.

The “What Do You Mean?” hitmaker, who walked away with five gongs at the MTV EMAs last week - has revealed there was a point over the past three years when he was spiralling out of control when he toyed with throwing it all in, reports

"For a minute, I was jus too in my head, and I just wanted to quit everything. But I knew that was the easy way out. I know I'm meant for this.

"I know God has a greater purpose for me to be in this position. It's just up to me to take that calling and respect it. It takes integrity to last in this business,” he said.

The 21-year-old, who has had a number of run-ins with the law since his rise to fame, believes his wild behaviour blocked people's vision and stopped them from seeing him as a musician and, instead, encouraged them to think of him as a reality TV star.

"I was almost like a reality star, rather than a musician. So I was just giving them ammo and they were feeding into it and I was feeding into it, and I wasn't caring. I was just like... being a jerk, a little bit,” he said.

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