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Little Things Season 4 Review: Mithila Palkar, Dhruv Sehgal mark a simple, happy ending

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Little Things Season 4 Review: Mithila Palkar, Dhruv Sehgal mark a simple, happy ending

Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

Director : Pranjal Dua

Genre : Romance

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When Kavya and Dhruv, two relatable characters we've grown to love over three seasons of 'Little Things', finally find fulfillment to their lives and journeys at the end of the finale season, you feel a sense of celebration and heartbreak, at once.

Season 4 and the finale season of the much-loved millennial show, produced by Dice Media, begins amidst the lush greenery of God's Own Country. Traversing through Alleppey, Munnar and Kochi, Dhruv and Kavya reunite for a holiday together, after maintaining a long-distance relationship between Nagpur and Finland, over 14 months. Even in the company of each other, something is amiss. The action then shifts to Mumbai when the two move in together to contemplate on what lies ahead and if they wish to take their relationship to a newer level.

Directed by Pranjal Dua and written by Abhinandan Sridhar, the show witnesses a slight change in tone. That possibly is because lead actor Sehgal, who wrote the earlier seasons, helms the new season as co-executive producer. Yet, for a great chunk of the show, the new season manages to stick to the language exercised in its predecessors. But unlike the second and third season which provided room for genuine conflicts, the tensions in season four seem force-fit for effect. For instance, Kavya's impending back trouble begins to clout over her personal and professional front, which never quite adds up. Dhruv's moving back to India from an enterprising career in Finland, due to an ego hassle seems contrived.

Yet, the closer-to-reality acts by both Sehgal and Palkar keeps us invested along the ride. Shot skillfully by cinematographer Aniruddha Patankar, who invokes immense wanderlust through the gorgeous backwaters and green cloud-capped hills of Kerala, you feel a sense of coming full circle with Kavya and Dhruv. The show also wonderfully encapsulates why it is necessary for couples to occasionally grow apart in order to fit together again. Kavya's self-discovery at Fort Kochi and Dhruv's coming to terms with his parents are positive and infectious. Their contradicting ideologies about ideals and ambition and just finding strength in taking things along, one day at a time, infuses hope and belief in the uncertain.

With season 4 marking an end, or should we say a new beginning in the chapter of our favourite lovebirds, we as an audience might experience a major void as somewhere, we all have a Kavya and a Dhruv residing in us, ones who seek joy in small pockets. Simply put, the little things.

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