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Kota Factory Season 2: A more layered, emotional journey of self-discovery and resolve

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Kota Factory Season 2: A more layered, emotional journey of self-discovery and resolve

Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

Director : Raghav Subbu

Genre : Dramedy

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Seeking the global umbrella of Netflix, 'Kota Factory', a TVF original that acquired overnight popularity across YouTube, when first premiered in 2019, returns with a second season that although is underwhelming in comparison to its predecessors, yet, manages to engage its viewers with its largely emotional messaging.

Based in the student hub of Rajasthan, Kota, the second season witnesses everyone's favourite teacher Jeetu Bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar) venture into entrepreneurship as he sets out to open his own institute which will train young IIT aspirants. On the other hand, Vaibhav Pandey (Mayur More), who has switched from Prodigy Classes to Maheshwari Classes to secure a second shot at the IIT JEE Exams, must navigate campus life while dealing with personal and external challenges with his motley group of friends.

Directed by Raghav Subbu, the story by Saurabh Khanna and Arunabh Kumar, remains rooted and invested in its setting and subjects and does not compromise on the creative aspects, given the popularity acquired by the first season. However, the treatment is less technical in comparison and the story chooses to focus on the internal conflicts of its characters. Allowing Jeetu Bhaiya to explore his emotional side over his larger-than-life persona, the story places key impactful scenes. A moving portrait of how mother's love can fix anything might come across as contrived but it somehow sits in beautifully. Shot by Shreedutta Namjoshi, the narrative is tautly held through by editor Gourav Gopal Jha and lifted with the original score by Simran Hora. 'Yaaron' by Ankur Tewari and The Ghalat Family makes an appearance again although the soundtrack also features Amit Trivedi who has sung the inspiring 'Main Lad Lunga'. Kamakshi Khanna and Vaibhav Bundhoo offer the breezy and romantic 'Tere Jaisa' and Jazim Sharma tugs at your heartstrings with 'Umbilical'.

Minute inconsistencies aside, you enjoy the show, primarily for its actors whose raw, unpolished yet sincere acts remain the binding glue. From Kumar and More to Ahsaas Channa (Shivangi), Ranjan Raj (Meena), Alam Khan (Uday), Revathi Pillai (Vartika) and Urvi Singh (Meenal), you see a little bit of yourself in their world.

Eventually, a shot of factory chimneys emitting smoke on the outskirts of Kota, prove to be a startling metaphor. In a single shot, the second season of Kota Factory reminds us of the unforgiving competition under which young minds and hearts in India crumble.

You can stream the show on Netflix.

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