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We owe our growth as artistes to people who listen to our music: Kamakshi Khanna

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We owe our growth as artistes to people who listen to our music: Kamakshi Khanna

Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

In the past few years, one of the most pressing issues in the Indian independent music scene has been the inclusion and representation of more female voices, a concern which indie artistes, women and men, have repetitively voiced out in their respective capacities.

New-Delhi based singer/songwriter Kamakshi Khanna too has been actively calling out publications and representatives who often falter in this process and calls for a collective recourse on how should women artistes be viewed by the media and the independent music scene, at large.

As part of the Artist of the Month initiative in July, when asked about if the representation of female voices in her opinion has improved from the time she began as a performing artiste, Kamakshi offered a balanced perspective.

'Absolutely, the scene has improved. I think all the growth that we are witnessing as musicians are because of the people who are taking out the time to listen to our music and give it the love and attention that it totally deserves. In terms of representation, if I have to say that it's great and rosy, I would be in my little bubble, because the truth is that the numbers are still little. A simple example that bothers many of us and we keep sharing and discussing it are the listicles that keep featuring the men at the forefront. That, I'd want to see it change before I can say that it has truly improved. It will take some time and it will take a lot of us women to step up and work together and challenge people's opinions. But that is the goal. I'd like to see women at par with their male counterparts representing the Indian independent music industry, not just in the bracket of Women's Day but on a larger scale.

Kamakshi recently released her latest single, 'Duur', which is now streaming on Radio City Freedom. The song features lyrics by Urdu poet and singer/songwriter Sameer Rahat, music production and composition by Kabeer Kathpalia aka OAFF and drums by Karun Kannampilly of The Koniac Net and Dino Siren fame.

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